Lobster Love: A Tale of Romance Under the Sea

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Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around as we dive into the deep blue sea and uncover the secret world of lobster love. While you may have heard that lobsters mate for life, this is most certainly not true. Lobsters are monogamous…for about two weeks at a time. But that doesn’t mean those big, red, and crusty creatures we love aren’t a bit romantic. And it’s time we gave them their due.

For starters, lobsters have their own unique way of flirting. It all starts with the female determining which male is worthy of a “date”. She’ll hang around and make sure her pheromone-laced urine makes it way to the male’s doorstep, letting him know she’s ready for a dance. You can imagine a mix of tap dancing, breakdancing, and the Macarena, and you’ve got yourself a lobster dance party (Rock Lobster, anyone?)! Once she’s invited in, it’s time to molt her exoskeleton, which is necessary to expose the required parts for a success coupling. This puts the female in a very vulnerable position, but thankfully her date also doubles as her bodyguard during this time.


Once the pair mates, the male lobster presents her with a special gift, a “love packet” of sperm, also known as a spermatophore. If she is satisfied with his performance, she’ll hang out for a couple of weeks until her shell is hard again, and then she’ll be on her way. This frees up the male’s lobster den for another pairing and another two-week whirlwind romance. Next!

The female lobster might also determine that her date didn’t go so well, as she has a lot of eggs to fertilize and she’s not going to waste the opportunity. She can leave the den early in search of another male while her shell is still forming and make sure her sperm needs are met. This could take several more lobsters to meet the quota…she knows what she needs.


Female lobsters can also control when to lay their eggs and fertilize them…and with the stored sperm she so intentionally gathered. We’ll see who ended up with the best dance moves.

So, there you have it folks, the secret love life of lobsters. Let’s give a round of applause to our lobster friends and their unique way of staying “busy”.


by Guest Blogger, Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard has lived in Colorado for 25 years and was introduced to scuba diving in 2004, despite living in a landlocked state. She was immediately enamored and consequently fell in love with the ocean. Her extensive 18 year career in the Mortgage industry and degree in Finance, as well as her love for the ocean, made her the perfect fit to serve as Treasurer on the Mother of Corals Board of Directors.

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